Light Up the Night

Attention all space commanders, now’s your time to shine! Our indoor arena pits two teams of six in a high-adrenaline battle of skill where both sides try to tag each other’s reactors in a fierce game of laser tag! No team? No problem! We pool single players together at the start of each hour for a game. Who knows? You might even make some new friends as you conquer the galaxy!   

Teamwork is Key

Our laser tag arena emphasizes
team play
. Participants must work together if they hope to emerge victorious. 

Multiple Objectives

Focus your efforts on tagging other players or turn your phaser on the other team’s reactor pods to rack up points.

Perfect for All Ages

Laser tag is perfect for kids 8 and up, but anyone is welcome to play.  

How it Works

During a session, we play laser tag at the start of each hour. For example, on days where we’re open 12-4 PM, we will play at 1 PM, 2 PM & 3 PM. Laser tag is a 10-minute experience. You’ll need at least 2 people to play, and games are limited to a maximum of 12 players. One game is $4.18* per player.   

Take Private Outing to the Next Level

Laser Tag is perfect for company outings looking to build and strengthen creative teamwork.

30-minute rental is $80*

1-hour rental is $150* 

Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Several of our party packages include time in the arena in addition to skating time. Check our our Parties page for more information.

*Price does not include taxes.